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“La Vita e Bella” so it is our food. Good , tasty, fresh. Here at us you can taste the best sea foods cooked with style and care. We have a big variety of wines for all the tastes. Our place is the place you need to spend a good day with your friends and family.

La Vita e Bella offers you:

fresh-seafoodWe always choose fresh seafood to cook for you the best specialities for your tastes. The ingridients that we use are all based to the ultimale freshness and bioproducts.
Our dishes are created with style and delicatese.
wine-la-vita-e-bellaWith a great selection of wines our costumer can choose between a big range of wine from all the countries that excell in the production of wine
bio-la-vita-e-bellaLa Vita e Bella advocates for bio and healthy food. We use fresh and bio ingridients to use them in our dishes mixed with seafood specialities.
Here you can eat healthy and taste your food to the limit.

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