About Us

La Vita e Bella restaurant is located in Tirana in the best geographical position of the Albanian Capital. Between the Usa Embassy and the Italian Embassy near the Prime Ministerial palace there, La Vita e Bella restaurant that offers its best dishes since 2011.

The most comfort accommodation and food that tastes like heaven, is offered to anyone that loves special dishes, warm place and the best selection of wine. Fresh seafood is La Vita e Bella specialty, and we cook special dishes for you to taste the real feeling of fresh seafood and ingredients.

La Vita e Bella restaurant is a creation by a well known worldwide chef that always dreamed about returning in Albania and establishing a place of a high standard cuisine. The owner who is also the chief in charge has worked in the best restaurants and yachts, in many places like France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Hong Kong, and Caribbean Island etc.

The chef has many international prizes relating to his specialties.
At our restaurant you will taste special dishes, special creations focusing on the most amazing tastes that you never knew before.

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La Vita e Bella, where you can eat healthy.