Food & Style

Our restaurant is oriented toward Italian cuisine and especially seafood, and all of its fresh ingredients.
The sea is the most important element Mediterranean cuisine. We are totally focused to bring the freshness and purity of the sea at your plate, with creativity and taste.

Our seafood is 100% fresh and directly from the deep clean Mediterranean sea. La Vita e Bella is a restaurant of a high level towards services, food and delicious creations. We surprise every client with our suggestions of food and wine.

At the entrance of the restaurants we have a place that exposes our fresh seafood of all kind.
Wine selection in La Vita e Bella isn’t only a process of choosing different kind of wines. We choose and suggest the best wine that combines in taste with the specialties that we offer.

Our place is designed for your to have the best experience of enjoying and tasting your food to the limit.
Join this experience and visit La Vita e Bella.